Clima⁺ 200

The Clima⁺ 200 design allows you to fully control the climate in your breeder house in all weather conditions with an optimal use of energy. For this design we use the Clima⁺ 200 heat exchanger to heat up fresh air from outside with warm air taken from inside the house. Along with the heat exchanger’s high thermal efficiency of up to 80%, the use of the preheated air is further optimized by its distribution via the Louvre system. Intelligent software governs this technology and was developed based on a thorough understanding of climate control in poultry houses. Therefore we get the utmost of our equipment resulting in substantial savings in heating costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

With the Clima⁺ 200 design you create a perfect and constant climate in the house resulting in optimal litter quality and low ammonia emissions.