Feeding system – Vencopan Breeder

Simultaneous feeding in equal portions is the major benefit of the Vencopan Breeder. All birds get access to feed at the same time, strongly reducing stress in the flock during feeding time. Feed is first distributed to a buffer in the top of each pan. When all buffers are filled, the system opens and delivers the feed to the birds. The coin chain system prevents demixing of feed and the distribution of small portions keeps birds from selective eating. These features optimize the uniformity in your flock, since all portions of feed contain an equal amount of each ingredient. The adjustable ring on the female pans prevents males from eating with the females.

The feeding pan for rearing birds is based on the same principles as the pan for adult birds. Additionally the rearing pan has a flexible bottom which makes it possible to lower the pan providing small chicks easy access to the feed. The grill design prevents young chicks from staying in the pan, and gives each bird an equal feeding space.