Solutions for broilers

It is widely accepted that it is important to provide the best conditions possible for the day old chicks when they arrive at the farm. To fully realize the genetic potential of modern broilers, a good start is even more critical in the future. However, the broilers’ life starts the moment it emerges from the egg – days before the farmer can start caring for it.

In 2004, Vencomatic developed the solution for the optimal start by combining the hatching and brooding phase on the farm. On-farm hatching fulfils the three basic needs of a chick from the start: food, water and fresh air. On-farm hatching is a standard feature of the Patio system, which was introduced in 2006. Vencomatic now enable on-farm hatching in traditional broiler houses using the new concept X-Treck.

The most remarkable improvement is seen in the health of broilers:

  • immediate post-hatch feed and water access provides energy for organ growth and the development of key physiological systems such as the immune system and thermoregulation;
  • direct feed and water access boosts the intestinal development and stimulates digestive capacity in the growth period;
  • on-farm hatching strongly reduces the risks for cross contamination;
  • a higher health status results in uncomplicated management of the birds.



Feeding system – Vencopan Broiler